VendingMiser Energy Monitor for Vending Machines
SnackMiser Energy Monitor for Snack Machines
CoolerMiser Energy Monitor for Glass Front Cooler Units
PlugMiser Energy Monitor for Plug in Units


When equipped with the VendingMiser, refrigerated beverage vending machines use less energy and are comparable in daily energy performance to new Energy Star qualified machines.


With SnackMiser, you can achieve maximum energy savings that result in reduced operating costs and decreased greenhouse gas emissions with your existing machines.


With CoolerMiser you can achieve maximum energy savings. Its energy-saving technology is incorporated into a small plug-and-play powerhouse that installs in minutes.


PlugMiser saves energy on all types of plug loads, including arcade games, computer monitors, task lights and more. It's invisible to the user and it installs in minutes with a universal mount.

How Misers Work

1 - Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy Sensor

The occupancy sensor is connected to the controller and mounted on a wall. The Miser is then able to detect pedestrian traffic.

2 - Energy Miser

Energy Miser

An external Energy Miser Controller is mounted on a wall or the machine.

3 - Energy Source

Energy Source

The Energy Miser is plugged into a power source, the machine is then plugged into the Energy Miser allowing the Miser to control the flow of power.

4 - Internal Misers

Internal Misers

Internal Misers operate differently using sales-based intelligence to control machine cooling.

External Energy Misers

Like the one shown on the right, use a controller and a machine or wall-mounted sensor to monitor room occupancy and temperature. If 15 minutes pass without any pedestrian traffic, the Energy Miser will power down the machine. The machine is powered back up when people return and at regular intervals to keep the product cold. External controllers are best suited for low traffic areas.

Internal Energy Misers

Like the VM2iQ and CM2iQ, use sales-based intelligence to power down the cooling system while leaving lighting and controller electronics on. Internal Energy Misers monitor the room's temperature and automatically re-powers the cooling system at regular intervals to keep the product cold. Internal controllers are best suited for high traffic areas.

Demonstration of how Misers Work